My name is Andy Gawlowski. I am just a random guy who was born in 1980 in Poland and moved to the neighbouring country of Germany at the age of seven. After 23 colourful and inspiring years, I moved to Switzerland. Since 2009, Zurich is my place, my home.

It has taken time for me to discover the beauty and energy that derives from most kinds of visual disciplines, be it typography, photography or an audiovisual performance. The intensity of photography has had my full attention for many years now. With every new shot, photography increasingly allows me not just to look but to see. Seeing makes the world fascinating and attractive.

This small piece of the internet aims to give my creativity the space it needs to breathe. Sounds dramatic as it is but I do not want to reduce myself and my works to the level of popular social networks. Being your own host gives you many advantages, such as freedom and silence. In the future I would like to go into videography even though I know it requires so much more time to make an interesting video. And time is limited since this here is just my passion in addition to all the other time-consuming tasks of life.

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